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We aim to foster economic development by providing a high-speed network access throughout Malaysia.

Zero downtime deployment

We provides high quality technology enhancement to bridge the digital gap between the nation.

Hello advanced digital cities!

We are ready with the latest and most advanced equipment to implement large scale projects at anytime.

Bringing the best advantage to you

We have the advanced mechanism to build a hi-tech infrastructures in the shortest time.


We are the future generation’s solution to unlimited bandwidth and optimum coverage.

Plan, design, develop & implement - VCSB has all the tools to provide fast and economically feasible R&D oriented solutions, tailored exclusively to our client’s requirements. We have been entrusted by the Government of Malaysia to design, build and operate a fibre optic infrastructure that utilises existing routes of sewerage tunnels owned by IWK.


We are well equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment to implement large scale projects at anytime.


A high tech robot is used to construct infrastructures encompassing major areas within Klang Valley, for maximum efficiency and impeccable quality.


Armoured fiber optic provides extra crush resistance and rodent protection.

Board of Directors

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Datuk Shuib bin Md Yusop

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Dato' Aminuddin Bin Md Desa

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En. Jamal bin Mohd Aris

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Ir. Mohd Khalid Bin Datuk Shuib

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Wan Razawa bin Wan Ismail

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Our Team

VCSB was founded by a group of dynamic and ambitious individuals specialising in wastewater and hydraulic engineering, including fibre optic solutions for the IT & telecommunication industry. With over 20 years of experience, our team of innovative engineers are well equipped to implement large scale projects using speedy and cost-effective methods.

Our Mission & Vision


Open Access Network: Provide various choices to last mile customers and promote healthy competition among service providers.


High Capacity Fibre Optic: Fostering economic development by enabling advance digital connectivity.


Fulfill increasing demand for bandwidth: Accommodate bandwidth-hungry applications and services with high speed network access.


Fast project delivery, high speed network & unlimited bandwidth - every day, every time.

VCSB provides high quality technology enhancement with its Managed Dark Fibre and Managed Virtual Fibre Services. Through the ministration of impactful engineering mechanics, we will be able to accommodate to the increasing demand for bandwidth in Klang Valley and bridge the digital gap between the nation.

Managed Dark Fibre Services

This point-to-point dark fibre connectivity is a physically secured collocation of interconnection sites that provides a private platform for fast deployment of bandwidth. It uses an advanced implementation method that gives users security and complete control over every aspect of network needs, and is especially cost- effective for intensive bandwidth users. There are 2 other types of network facilities that will benefit greatly from this service:-

Metro-E: A type of service that could allow Service Providers who do not require dark fibre, to subscribe certain bandwidth capacity in order to deliver their last mile requirement from one end to another.

Managed Services: Our fibre optic infrastructure makes it possible to provide managed services such as bandwidth leasing, Secured Communications, VOIP, IPTV, etc.

Cost Effective

More bandwidth value at half the price.

A Wavelength, A Customer

Get your very own network, without the hassle.

Large Amount Bandwidth

Experience a sea of opportunity with uninterrupted connectivity.

Managed Virtual Fibre Services

This wavelength product is the ideal solution for corporate groups that tend to use large amounts of bandwidth. Now companies can get all the benefits of network ownership without having to construct the physical network themselves. This is a proven method that will save money, time and energy, in the long run.

Our Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology can support multiple network protocol services like IP Packets, Ethernet, ATM & SONET. It’s used to transmit data in several channels with slightly different wavelengths.


Turning metro areas into advance digital cities.



Bringing the best advantage to your doorstep.

The Internet has become an important household need throughout the world, and is a necessary tool to help organisations govern and manage every business aspect. In accordance with MSC Malaysia’s aim to revolutionise the ICT industry, we have equipped ourselves with the most advance mechanism to build hi tech infrastructures in the shortest time.


Fiber optics is known to be one of the most effective ways to deliver high speed broadband to individuals and corporate organisations. Building the infrastructure using the conventional way, however, comes at a cost – pollution, traffic hold-up, economic loss and unsafe conditions to tenants of excavation area.

VCSB chooses to maintain a healthy ecosystem and to avoid further inconvenience of nearby tenants by installing fibre optic cables through existing sewer tunnels owned by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan (JPP) and maintained by Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK). The cables can be installed in a more efficient manner since there is no major disturbance to the environments.

Our cables are installed using a remote-controlled, self propelled robotic device that has a CCTV camera mounted on top of it. This robotic device will inspect the condition of the sewer sites that will be used for installation before cleansing work is done, followed by the installation of fibre optic cables.

Our Process

Our team of experts plan and design a detailed blueprint of the dark fibre infrastructure, tailored to our client’s needs.

Robotic device inspects sewer tunnels for structural condition, and to identify size and material of construction. Cleansing work is done using a high water pressure jet sprayed from a hose that is pushed forward inside the sewer tunnel to break away any deposits inside the tunnels. The Fibre Optic Cables are then pulled and secured by means of stainless steel clamps that ensure the cable would not become an obstruction in the tunnel.

Our experts perform numerous quality tests on the dark fibre infrastructure to ensure a superior network performance.


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