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Telecommunication Redefined

FAST ROBOT is a unique installation method for fiber optic cables in non- man-entry sewerage systems. The FAST (Fiber Access Sewer Tunnel) technology was purposely designed to enable the installation of a protective conduit network for fiber optic cables within any type sewer.

Special Features of FAST Robot Technology:

  • Develop for fibre optic network in metropolitan.
  • Protected by a large number of patents worldwide.
  • Installation in a pipe system, which permits retrofitting at any time, ensures that the fibre optic cables are always in a good state.
  • On average, connection points are less than 25m from the customer.
  • Development in progress, which will eventually provide a direct connection to the customer’s premises via the sewer.
  • Up to 9 cable tubes, each of which accommodates a cable with 144 fibres.
  • Installation procedure is fast and as compared with conventional methods, much more cost effective.
  • No damage done to the sewage system, operation and maintenance of the sewage system is not affected.
  • No local authority permits required.